To Report or Not?

To Report or Not?

Breaking the silence about Rape, Sexual Assault or Abuse does not mean that you must report to the Police and seek justice through the courts. Reporting to the Police is always your choice and no one should pressure you into prosecuting your abuser. However, if this is something that you want to explore, we can discuss with you the criminal justice process in a safe and confidential environment; making sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

You do not have to report to the police in the first instance. You can speak to a Crisis Worker or we can refer you to an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor and make a decision thereafter. No pressure will be placed on you. You will always be in control of your decision making.

Remember, you are not alone. Though you may feel overwhelmed by the challenge ahead, there will be some to support you every step. Breaking the Silence need not be a lonely-struggle.

If you are feeling desperate, confused, angry, alone, numb, hurt, frightened or desolate; it may help to talk to someone.

At The Bridgeway we provide a safe and confidential* place to speak freely. Our dedicated staff can support you to find the help you need after experiencing abuse, as well as assisting to go on to make Police complaints should you choose to.

*Confidentiality will be broken if our staff believe you, or somebody else is at serious risk of harm. Confidentiality will always be broken if we believe a child is at risk.