Counselling and Support

We recognise that it takes it a lot of courage to take the first step and ask for support. The Bridgeway offers some counselling services and works closely with a number of specialist counselling services across Cumbria. We can talk through the options with you and refer you on to therapeutic services if that is right for you. Counselling can give the opportunity to understand how you have been affected by the assault, deal with any difficulties that you may be experiencing as a result of this and look at how to move forward.

The Bridgeway can support you in accessing other agencies if you need other services or support.


Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) and Child and Young Person’s Advocate

Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA), are specialist support workers who can assist and support you in the weeks and months after an assault. If you choose, they will help you throughout the court process from start to finish. They will support you, find out information for you, ask questions about progress of any legal actions and they can be there for you in court. Everybody who comes into the Bridgeway (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) will be offered the service of an ISVA. The service they can provide includes;

• Initial assessment of the support that you need
• Drawing up of a care plan and involvement of any other partner agencies required
• Confidential and impartial advice that is not linked to the police
• Regular and ongoing telephone contact
• Face to face meetings and support
• Help with advice on housing issues
• Detailed understanding of the court process and the criminal justice system
• Attendance with you at any police interviews or court proceedings
• Liaison between you, the police, the CPS and barristers acting on your behalf
• Emotional support and guidance
• Support in reporting your assault to the police if you first came as a self-referral
• Assistance with Criminal Injuries Compensation